Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about membership and running with RIOT!


What does it cost to be a Dorchester RIOT member?

Our annual Dorchester RIOT club fees are currently just £12 for first and second claim members. If you wish to be affiliated to England Athletics this costs an additional fee, currently £19, which is paid in addition to the Dorchester RIOT membership fees (£29 for First Claim Affiliated Membership). Sign up as a Member here!

Why become a RIOT Member?

There are many reasons to become a member of Dorchester RIOT, not least being a part of a supportive and fun RIOT community. Here are just some benefits of becoming a RIOT member:

  • Membership fees enable us to improve the Club through the investment in training for our run leaders so we can improve your running experience
  • Members can take part in our infamous, unique club challenges
  • Become a member of our active members-only Facebook group
  • You can join us on our range of club runs
  • See what other RIOT members are up to by joining our Strava Club
  • As a RIOT member, you can purchase our recognisable club kit
  • If that didn’t have you convinced, then RIOT members receive a monthly code providing you with 10% discount and free P&P at SportsShoes.com

What's the difference between first claim, affiliated and second claim?

If you choose to be a first claim runner for Dorchester RIOT, you would represent us at races wearing our distinctive club kit (the blue top is our usual racing colour) and you would put us down as your club when you sign up to races. If you choose to be England Athletics affiliated to RIOT, you will also be registered to England Athletics which brings you additional benefits such as; eligibility to enter the Club London Marathon Ballot and discount off races. Find out more on England Athletics affiliation here.

Second Claim runners still get many of the same benefits of being a RIOT member, choose this option if you are already a first claim member of another running club but would still like to be a RIOT member. On joining, if you have been registered with a previous club you may be asked to transfer your membership to Dorchester RIOT. This can be easily done through by logging into the England Athletics portal but do contact the Membership Secretary if you have any queries.

Do you issue a membership card?

Those affiliating to England Athletics will receive separate membership confirmation, currently in the form of a membership card, direct from England Athletics. We no longer issue RIOT Membership cards. This is partly to reduce admin but also for the environmental impacts of issuing plastic cards annually. You will receive a welcome e-mail on sign up, which will direct you to our Facebook Group and Strava Club and then receive monthly newsletters which will keep you up-to-date with important information on club runs, new discounts and our latest news.

What is my England Athletics URN?

If you have forgotten your URN you can find it here.

Running with Dorchester RIOT

When do you run?

We organise club runs on three nights a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We offer a range of training opportunities, whether you are wanting a steady pace, a social run, some trail running or to push yourself with speed or hill training. You can find out more details on upcoming running groups and routes in our Facebook Group. Please find more details on our club runs on our Running with RIOT page, including what you need to bring and what to do if it is your first run with us.

What pace do you Run?

We cater for a range of paces. On Mondays, we have our Steady and Steady Steady groups, with runs ranging from 11-13 minute miles. Tuesday runs are our targeted training sessions from interval sessions to hill reps, these are suitable for all no matter your pace, it’s about turning up and giving it a go.  On our popular Thursday club runs we have four groups:

  • Steady: 11+ minute miles
  • Steadfast: 10-11 minute miles
  • Stamina: 9-10 minute miles
  • Speed: under 9 minute miles

If you are not sure what group is for you then you are welcome to get in touch with us.

Running with RIOT for the first time?

Feel free to let us know in advance if it is your first run with us. On the run, please introduce yourself to the run leader, they can welcome you to the rest of the group. You can find information on our latest runs on our Running with RIOT page and the weeks groups and routes in our Facebook group. If you are not sure what group to join? Get in touch with us and we can guide you, please be reassured no-one gets left behind on a run and on larger group runs we always have a tail runner. We know it can be nerve-wracking joining a club run for the first time, why not consider starting off with one of our #RunandTalk sessions?

What does it cost to run with you?

We appreciate that you may want to join us for a few runs before deciding whether to join us as a Dorchester RIOT member, therefore, running with us is free and we will not charge you for club runs. We would hope that after three club runs with us you would feel comfortable enough to support the club and join us as a RIOT member.

I'm a beginner, can I join you on a Club run?

We cater for a range of running abilities but to attend our club runs we assume you are able to run 5km – there are stops if needed and no-one ever gets left behind. If this is your first time at a club run, why not begin with a Steady Monday run or one of our RunandTalk sessions?

We run two annual Couch to 5km courses for those who are just beginning on their running journey, or returning after a break, these start in January and September. There are resources online for those that wish to begin couch to 5km at another time, for example the nhs plan. Feel welcome to join our Facebook Group to meet fellow runners, find others to train with and a place where you can ask questions – we are a friendly and supportive group.

What do I need to bring with me on a run?

For our dark winter runs we ask you dress in bright clothing and advise a head or chest torch, particularly if the run involves unlit paths. If the run is off-road you may also need trail shoes. Please ask us if you are unsure on the route and if you might need anything different from standard running kit.

Can my child join me on a club run?

We have a 12-18 years policy for those within this age bracket who wish to run with us. Please follow the link in the membership form to read the details of this policy and agree this before joining. We currently do not allow under 12’s to run with us due to safeguarding and welfare, but may look to expand to RIOT Juniors in the future.

I have a medical condition, should I let you know?

We recognise that running is beneficial for many physical and mental health conditions. However all runners are responsible for their own health and run at their own risk. If you have any health concerns, please check with your GP before joining a run. Runners are responsible for carrying and administering their own medication and first aid. You may wish to tell your run leader if you have an ongoing health condition we should be aware of. We advise all runners to carry their ICE (In Case of Emergency) details with them, you can purchase wristbands with these on (e.g. https://iceid.co.uk/running-id/) and there are also phone apps available

What about swimming and cycling?

We are predominantly a running club, and this is where we focus most of our training and club activities.  As a club we promote swimming and cycling, we are affiliated to British Cycling and are currently developing the cycling side, led by our Cycling Co-ordinator, who is planning cycle rides (road / MTB) and bike workshops. In addition, we have arranged coached swimming sessions and hope to do that again and have RIOT cycling and triathlon kit for those that would like to represent us at events. Within the club we have lot of members that compete in triathlons, cycle and swim so you can often find others to join you in these activities. Many of our members are also part of other local triathlon and cycling clubs including Ridgeway Riders and Bustinskin.

Contact Us

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