RIOT Committee

Who’s who on the RIOT Committee?

A lot goes on behind the scenes of RIOT, from collating clothing orders to blog writing, from organising the weekly runs to coming up with those ingenious challenges that keep us all running! Here is our list of committee and sub-committee members and their roles within the club.

Core Committee
  • Chair: Vacant
  • Vice-Chair: (Position under review )
  • Secretary: Dee Brooks
  • Treasurer: Mark Stockman
Main Committee
  • Membership Secretary: Terry Sneller
  • Communications Officer: Virginie Morris
  • Run Coordinator: Simon Hill (Position Vacant end of 2023)
  • Welfare Officers: Adele Elliott & Michael Paulley
  • Social & Events Officer: Vacant – get in touch if interested
Sub Committee
  • Club Captains: Steve Stone & El Rollett
  • Run Development Officer: Andrew Scowcroft
  • C25k Coordinator: Kerri Oliver (Vacancy Jan 2024) and Mark Stockman
  • Website Officer: David Ryder
  • Kit Officer: (Position under review) 
  • Creative Director: Paul Danbury