WSR Giants Head Marathon and Sydling Hill Race weekend.

WSR Giants Head Marathon and Sydling Hill Race weekend.

So on one of the hottest days of the year, the long awaited Giants Head Marathon and Sydling Hill race arrived. For those who don’t know, it’s another White Star Running event which sells out fast, partly due to the amazing medal. Think the Cerne Abbas Giant…..with a spinning part…..which glows in the dark…. Add a t-shirt to the mix and you can understand its popularity.

The marathon is a gruelling eight hill event with around 3000ft elevation gain, running through the best of the Dorset countryside. Amazing views, tough terrain but a great experience. Four of our RIOT runners tackled the full marathon, (two as first time marathoners).

The Sydling Hill race was, by comparison, rather flat…. 10(ish) km with just over 700ft elevation of hills. Still tough, gorgeous route, but in that heat was a preferred route for many of us. Some great placings and results in that heat, most rewarded with huge ice creams (before the van broke…..)

The Sunday we were back again for the Sydling Bell Race, another crazy WSR family event. All shoes were removed, mixed together before a conga around the village green. The race starts with trying to find your shoes (in amongst about 300 pairs) before tackling the run itself- it’s about 2.5 miles long, half uphill. At the top, you’re given a forfeit (star jumps, tell a joke etc) before being given your cow bell medal to wear whilst running back down the hill. A noisy, fun race which also raises money for the village as a thank you for hosting the weekend.

Great support again from fellow RIOTers, and definitely a race series to recommend (not just for the medal) but watch out as it sells out fast!